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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 | Author: Mad Typist
Despite Blogger's claim that it saves all your drafts automatically, it still ate my last one. Grrrr....

Anyhoo, after a long creative drought in the music industry, all of a sudden all my favorite acts have released albums in the last month or so. Here's my take on some of them:

1) Tegan and Sara - "The Con"
My favorite new album this year. They are the best identical twin lesbian Canadian musicians out there right now. Their lyrics are always great - for example, "I might have been something you'd be good at." Download "Back In Your Head" and prepare to bop along to the groovy tune.

2) Rilo Kiley - "Under the Blacklight"
Great new album from one of my favorites. Not quite equal to "More Adventurous" (or Jenny Lewis's amazing "Rabbit Fur Coat") but still awesome. Download the title track and "Moneymaker".

3) Kelly Clarkson - "My December"
I know Kelly took a lot of shit for this album, for a variety of reasons, but overall it's still better than 80% of the crap out there right now. Download "Sober" for a rocking power ballad, and "Never Again" for something more in the "Since U Been Gone" vein.

4) New Pornographers - "Challengers"
I haven't had a chance to really sit and listen to this one yet, but I'm very excited to hear it. I will post a more thorough review once I do.

As a side note, while you're waiting for my comments on this album, go listen to Neko Case's amazing "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood".

5) Maroon 5 - "It Won't Be Soon Before Long"
I know it's lame to like this band, but honestly - this album kicks butt. It's funky and poppy. Very cool music. Adam Levine is still a little douche-y, if you ask me, but the band's got soul.
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