X-Men First Class trailer surprisingly good
Friday, February 11, 2011 | Author: Mad Typist
I am forced to concede that the new trailer for X-men: First Class is pretty freaking great. While I'm often guilty of being a bit of a purist, in terms of wanting origin stories in movies to track as close as possible to the source material of the comic book, I must admit that a lot of the suggested plot threads in this trailer look awesome.

Two reasons I'm cautiously optimistic about this movie: one, it's directed by Matthew Vaughn, who did the movie adaptation of Kick-Ass, which was amazing. Vaughn has proven in interviews and in his work on Kick-Ass that he is someone who understands and respects comic books and their fans. So, that's a good sign. The second reason is that the script is based off of work by Bryan Singer, who did a masterful job with X-men 1 and 2, before Brett Ratner came along and screwed up the whole franchise.

In any case, here's the trailer. Marvel at how sexy Michael Fassbender looks.

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