Meet the Nook, the new e-book hotness of the week
Tuesday, October 20, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
Courtesy of Engadget, here's a picture of the newest e-book reader, dubbed "the Nook", from Barnes & Noble:

According to the article posted at Engadget, the new e-book reader will feature several intriguing Kindle-killer features:
  • Built-in WiFi and free 3G connectivity, to better enable impulse buying
  • An SD slot, so you can expand the memory as needed
  • FULL COLOR!!!!
  • Pretty excellent battery life (up to 10 days, if you disable WiFi)
  • Touchscreen
  • Most importantly - the "LendMe" feature, which will apparently allow you to transfer the book to other readers for certain period of time. The #1 thing that had been keeping me from committing to an e-book reader has been the inability to lend/give books away once I'm done with them.
It looks great, and is priced competitively to the Kindle. Like the Kindle, there is a version of the software available for the iPhone as well, which is good for people like me who already own one of those little lovely devices.

I'm very interested in this new product, so we'll see what other details trickle out as the release date gets closer. I'm very excited at the thought of being able to buy extra batteries for it, as well as the ability to "easily download" PDFs. I'd like to learn more about how that would work (I just hope and pray that we'll be able to do the smart and easy thing, using the USB connector to transfer directly from your computer to the device, versus Kindle's bizarro "email it to yourself").

Thoughts? Anyone out there as psyched about the new device as I am?

edited to add: Make sure you read the Engadget article for a full video demonstration and all the sexy ass details you can shake a stick at.
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On 12:13 PM , Brownie said...

Do you know if you can purchase book from Amazon as well?

On 9:56 PM , Mad Typist said...

No, as far as I know, e-books purchased from Amazon can only be used on Kindles, or on mobile devices like the iPhone that have the Kindle reader software.