Man talk 101
Monday, January 29, 2007 | Author: Mad Typist
Sweet Jesus mother of God. I found this article on Yahoo today. Apparently men speak in code at all times and you must know these four basic rules to understand what they are really trying to say.

1. Men like to talk about sports
2. Men like to quote movies
3. Men like to talk about sex (but not their significant others)
4. Men like to trash talk

So. I suppose if you could invent a sentence that incorporates all four of the above, you'd have any man eating out of your hand. "Hey, I was totally making a move on this hottie with a giant rack, but she shot me down and it was like, 'Game over, man!', which is also how I felt after the Saints lost to the Bears, 16 to 42, which is also the score of our last foozball game, where I totally schooled you, loser."
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