New Cowboys Stadium the Picture of FAIL
Monday, August 24, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
What do you get for $1.2 billion? A grotesque new stadium where the scoreboard is so low that punt kicks hit it, apparently. Right now the NFL competition committee is looking into the issue, and thus far Jones has refused to fix the issue on his own. Here's an interesting quote from Bill Polian (courtesy of Peter King at
"The irony is that our stadium architect [at new Lucas Oil Stadium] wanted to hang the videoboards the same way in our stadium,'' Polian said. "So we put a metal beam about 90 feet above the ground and had our punter at the time, Hunter Smith, punt the ball up there trying to hit it. He hit it the majority of the time. That's why we put our replay boards on the wall.

Also, check out this amazing video from, where we see the fabulous seats available in this brand new stadium:

Please note that apparently the cheapest seats in the stadium are $59. I can only hope that the seats shown in the video above are at least the cheap variety (in truth, I can truly only hope that the Cowboys wall off those seats and NEVER sell them).

Of course, if you happen to score seats in the luxury suites (available for between $100,000 and 500,000), you have the opportunity to pay $60 for a plain cheese and pepperoni pizza.
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