New Show Alert! Terriers on FX
Wednesday, September 08, 2010 | Author: Mad Typist

I'm popping out of my self-imposed blog hibernation to let you fine folks know that there's a new series out there that you might enjoy. The advance word on FX's new series Terriers has been pretty positive (Televisionary, a site that rarely goes wrong, calls it one of the strongest new series of the season).

The show in a nutshell: an ex-cop partners with his buddy to run an unlicensed private investigation business. Hilarity (and edgy "stuff") ensues.

Reasons why you should watch this show:

1) It's got Donal Logue, who I've loved all the way back to his "The Tao of Steve" days. He's the kind of charming actor who can carry a show as a lead, and he will likely bring a unique spin to the character.

2) His partner in crime (and charming-ness) is played by Michael Raymond-James, who you probably remember better as Rene from season 1 of True Blood.

3) The show runner is Shawn Ryan, and this show seems to have some of the same excellent aesthetic that his previous series, The Shield, had. I'm not sure how great he'll be at bringing the funny, but obviously he knows how to produce gritty dramatic moments.

4) It's hosted on the FX network, so when they promise an "edgy" show, you actually believe it based on the network's other offerings.

5) I've got a really good vibe about this show, and really... have I steered you wrong yet?

Check it out. It airs tonight at 10pm EST on FX. You can grab the trailer here:

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