My Totally Random Oscar Picks
Monday, January 24, 2011 | Author: Mad Typist
Just for fun, here's my totally random guess at this year's Oscars.

** = will win
(j) = who I wish would win

Best Picture:
The Social Network **
Black Swan (j)
True Grit
The King's Speech
Toy Story 3
Winter's Bone
The Kids Are Alright
The Fighter
127 Hours

Best Actor:
Colin Firth **
Jeff Bridges
Jesse Eisenberg
James Franco
Paul Giamatti

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman ** (j)
Annette Bening
Jennifer Lawrence
Julianne Moore
Halle Berry

Best Supporting Actor:
Christian Bale **
Andrew Garfield
Geoffrey Rush
Jeremy Renner
Mark Ruffalo

Best Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams
Mila Kunis
Melissa Leo **
Helena Bonham Carter
Hallie Stansfield (j)

Best Director:
Lisa Cholodenko
Darren Aronofsky (j)
Christopher Nolan
Tom Hooper
David Fincher **
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