Hola, La Munda!
Thursday, February 16, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
Okay, back to the drawing board. I just started up my latest project, entitled "Commentary Commentary", located at http://commentarycommentary.blogspot.com/

It's basically my commentary on the quality of the commentary tracks contained on all my DVDs. I got frustrated sitting through 2 hours of self-important blathering on some DVDs, so I wanted a place to warn others to avoid such a fate. I also have stumbled across some unexpectedly brilliant commentaries in my time and wanted a forum to share those. First up is a great example of the latter: the William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy commentary track from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Hands down, one of the greatest commentaries I've heard. It's funny, informative and frankly quite surreal at points. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to reviewing it.

Another project in the pipe is setting up my very first Linux box in my house. I've got an old PC I'm converting over. Right now, some of the main challenges are getting a proper network card installed (that is supported by Linux) and figuring out how to set up Apache. I'll post details as I go, so you can all share in my pain.
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