Thursday, February 21, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
Jumping on to provide links to a couple of good sites...

Recently Chris Matthews made news by catching one of the Obama surrogates off guard during an interview. He pressed Texas State Senator Kirk Watson to name some of Obama's achievements (thus dragging out the old claim that "Obama hasn't done anything" that has dogged him). Watson pretty much froze, which made him look like a chump and made it seem like Obama really doesn't have anything of note to bring up.

In rebuttal, here's a great post on Obsidian Wings talking about Obama's experience and the qualities he brings to the table: Obama post

Kirk also posted a great bit on his website explaining how it all went wrong.

Look, the man was an Illinois state senator before he was a US Senator, so it's not like he's a junior legislator. He's been involved with the study and practice of law for a long time. He is a constitutional law scholar. He has experience and training on this presidential stuff, folks.

However, Obama reps and surrogates need to anticipate this question and have responses prepared ahead of time. Preferably written down, so that they don't have to rely just on their memory to recall their talking points.

So...for the Obama camp, in the future, have rebuttal points to the following questions that you may be asked:
  1. Does he have enough experience?
  2. What legislation has he gotten passed?
  3. Isn't it true that he's all rhetoric and feel-good sentiment, versus substance? Isn't his policy rather vague?
  4. Doesn't his grand plan for America lack detail?
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