On An Completely Unserious Note
Friday, August 01, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
It's Friday, so all of today's comments will be about trivial amusing things. Here's how my sick mind works:

I see the following headline "Cougar on the Loose at the University of Maryland" and immediately picture Demi Moore and/or Julie Christie trolling for dates with the young studs of UM.

I see this picture of an art project labeled "piranha plant" and instantly start singing "Feed Me Seymooooooouuuuur"....

The Onion AV Club is reviewing one of my favorite cult films of all time, Showgirls, over at its New Cult Canon column. I love this movie. I love that Paul Verhoeven made one of the most hilarious films of all time... and doesn't even realize it. Genius. Gina Gershon is especially awesome (and in fact, provides the only decent acting performance in the whole cast). And nothing will be more epic than the infamous "thrashing wounded dolphin" sex scene (can't link here to the scene, as it's NSFW, but believe me... it's amazing).
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