Our long national nightmare is over, fellow football fans. It was just announced today that Tony Kornheiser is leaving Monday Night Football. Allow me a moment to cackle my joy to the heavens that this blessed day has finally come. In my nightmares, I had pictured myself going to Hell, and in that Hell I would be chained to a La-Z-Boy and forced to watch 24/7 football commentary served up by Kornheiser and Dennis Miller. And every game would be the 2009 Detroit Lions versus the 2008 Dolphins.

I can't really say it better than the guy over at Yahoo! Sports - he pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly - so I'll just go ahead and link to his blog. I share his sentiment that my hate for Kornheiser is directed exclusively at his MNF performance. I actually really enjoy watching Pardon the Interruption (PTI) on ESPN, and think he fits that format really well.

Replacing Kornheiser on the show is former Bucs head coach, Jon Gruden (a.k.a "Chucky" to those of us who love his grumpy, "I may murder you soon" face, which reminds of so much of the doll from the Child's Play horror series). Gruden will bring a great coach's perspective to the booth, and I assume he'll jell better with former QB star Ron Jaworski (a.k.a. "Jaws").

For nostalgia's sake, I'm going to link to my original post complaining about Kornheiser, just to kick the dog one more time before he GTFOs my program forever. See you on PTI, Tony.
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On 12:59 PM , Beers said...

I hope this means Tony will start doing his morning Radio show again. I miss that little scamp.

On 8:01 AM , jeeter said...

Really you are right and i am watching the show again.Have you Download Monday night football if no try to download it and Enjoy the show.