Billy Mays Found Dead in His Home
Sunday, June 28, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist

Proving that weird things happen in 3s, reports are circulating right now that famed TV pitchman Billy Mays was found dead in his home this morning. This may or may not make the main news feeds, since people are still fixated on Michael Jackson's unexpected death a few days ago. However, in a bit of weird coincidence, both the King of Pop and the King of Pitchmen were only 50 years old when they died.

There's certainly a rash of celebrities dying before their time these days. Though Billy wasn't as famous as Farrah or Michael, you all still knew who he was - he helped put products like OxiClean and Orange Glo on the map, and had started breaking into D list fame via his new reality show "Pitchmen" on the Discovery Channel.

You can read about Billy's unlikely rise to fame in this article here by the Seattle Times (where I grabbed the picture above from).

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File)
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