Election hysterics
Friday, March 07, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
One of Barack Obama's advisors, Samantha Power, has been forced to resign following news that she called Hillary Clinton a "monster".

Now, was that a silly thing to say? Sure. Then again, the transcript shows that she stated that the remark was off-the-record. Also, I'm troubled by the Clinton campaign's continued assault on minor language "offenses". I mean, really? "Monster" is such a terrible thing to call her that an otherwise well respect foreign policy adviser is lost? This is reminiscent of the "pimp" (the verb, not the noun) controversy that led to the dismissal of an MSNBC commentator. Again, sort of a silly thing to say, but can Hillary seriously say that she's personally, deeply that offended? We all know she's been called worse to her face, by much more wretched people.

Meanwhile, John McCain pretty much gets away with calling Hillary a bitch, and yet she continues to almost praise him in public statements.

What a crock.
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