From Eliot Ness to Eliot Nasty
Tuesday, March 11, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
So, the governor of the great state of NY was caught in a prostitution ring scandal. Great.

I have only 2 things to say on this matter:
1) I give him credit for at least picking a "classy" gal. $4500 for a tryst is a pretty penny to spend.
At least it wasn't some crackwhore for $25. Gridskipper has a funny article on where the good governor arranged his little rendezvous with "Kristin".

2) He was caught on a wiretap. Jesus, man... this is why you have a secretary! You have THEM arrange all the details, and you just show up. Seriously, what good is a personal assistant, if you can't use them to obtain drugs, hookers and/or ice cream at random hours?

The late night comics are going to milk this one for at least a week, methinks (unless Spitzy resigns soon). Letterman's top 10 was pretty funny last night.

In other news....

Would you trust this man with your mail?!?!

Sweet mother of pearl! Seeing Ken without his beard is like seeing Darth Vader without his helmet on.
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On 3:31 PM , kenneth said...

I'de like to say that the picture doesn't do me justice, but unfortunately, it does. Great blog site though.