Ilene Chaiken is smoking crack
Thursday, January 15, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
*Warning: Spoilers for The L Word contained in here*

Once upon a time, there was a lovely new show on Showtime that explored the lives and loves of a group of hot lesbians (along with one token hetero chick played by the awesome Pam Grier) in Los Angeles. The first season was a lot of fun. The two main plots were semi-realistic: Jenny was dealing with coming out and how to tell her fiancee about it, Bette and Tina were the established couple dealing with the drudgery of long term coupledom and impending parenthood. Erin Daniels (Dana) turned out to be a comic genius, and Jennifer Beals somehow managed to get hotter as a 40-something than she was as a 20-something back in her Flashdance days. Mia Kirshner generously bared her boobs and made out with Karina Lombard a LOT. All in all, it was good, soapy fun.

Tragically, the show never really captured the magic of that first season. The show needlessly split up fan-favorite couple Bette and Tina at the end of Season 1, spent all of Season 2 trying to get them back together, only to pull the couple apart again in Season 3. Despite Mia Kirshner's best efforts, Jenny's descent into madness (and obnoxiousness) turned most fans off the character. Other characters were introduced with varying degrees of success (I really hate Moira/Max, but some people seem to like her), and poor Erin Daniels was blind-sided when they decided to kill her character Dana in the 3rd season.

Now, moving into the final season of the show, apparently, the show has decided that they're going to kill off Jenny in the first episode, and treat the rest of the season as a flash back to how that came about. Yes, because what fans of the show really wanted to see was a murder mystery. WTF?

Now details are out about the spin-off show planned for one of the L Word characters. Apparently, Alice (Leisha Hailey) will be sent to jail on some crime related to the Jenny murder. Again, what? If Alice had something to do with Jenny's death, shouldn't she be getting a medal of appreciation from the city, not going to jail?
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On 4:10 PM , Beers said...

After being completely unimpressed by Queer as Folk, I never had any desire to see this show. So a question. If they are spinning of a show from this where one of the Lesbian characters goes to jail are they not also perhaps spinning of Oz at the same exact time?

On 8:09 AM , Mad Typist said...

I shudder at the thought of Ilene Chaiken attempting to do something as provocative and awesome as Oz, since she is clearly not up to the task as a writer or producer.

Season 1 of the show is actually pretty good, and there's lots of sexiness. You might enjoy it. However, do not venture any further into later seasons, as they are just full of the worst bullshit.