Monday, April 20, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
Recently, my podcast "Across the Nerd-a-verse" was approached by a small music label about one of their musical acts. Since we're always looking to expand our audience, we checked it out, and the music did indeed seem like the kind of thing our audience would enjoy. The label agreed to hook us up with the head of the group so that we could do a phone interview with him for the show, and they also passed along some mp3s that we could feature.

The group we interviewed was an act called Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew. They're a nerdcore group of rappers. A quick primer on the Nerdcore genre of music:
A largely white subgenre of hip-hop that celebrates the solitary pleasures of science fiction, computers and bad teenage movies, nerdcore is emerging from the shadows of the Internet, where it spent the last half-decade as an in-joke. This do-it-yourself brand of rap, part self-expression and part self-satire, has inspired two documentary films, and its own festival, Nerdapalooza, in California.
Captain Dan's group is interesting in that they focus almost exclusively on rap songs about pirate stuff.

Anyhoo, I wanted to alert you folks to the newest episode of the podcast, featuring an in-depth interview with Dan. A few things to know in advance:
  • Captain Dan does the ENTIRE interview in character
  • We learn how a young boy grows up one day to be the head of a pirate rap group
  • Yes, we do discuss Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Captain Dan also joins us for our recurring segment: Essential Nerd Films. It should not surprise you that this episode's theme is pirate films.
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