Announcing Rapid Recaps (First up: Nurse Jackie)
Tuesday, July 07, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
Those of you who follow this blog will recall that last week I posted asking for suggestions on shows that I would recap/review. Well, the votes are in, so here are the shows I'll be reviewing, as well as the dayI plan to release each micro-podcast:
  1. True Blood - Sunday
  2. Nurse Jackie - Monday
  3. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List - Tuesday
  4. HBO Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp - Wednesday
  5. Burn Notice - Thursday
*note: I'll be watching all shows live and doing the most recent new episodes. The exception will be Burn Notice, which I'll be recapping from Season 1, Episode 1 on (yey for TV on DVD via Netflix). Hard Knocks won't start airing till August on HBO.

Hopefully you enjoy this. Please be patient with me as I figure out the best way to jam all my thoughts into an audio recording that's only 3-4 minutes long.

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Anyway, took my first shot at this wacky little experiment last night. So, here's my very first rapid recap of Nurse Jackie Episode 105:


Will I be recapping other shows?
Yes. The plan right now is to do these shows throughout the summer. When the fall season rolls around, I'll probably pick up 4-5 new shows. I may do 1-2 "vintage" shows as well (shows that have already aired). As always, your feedback is essential, so hit me up at jessie [at] rapidrecaps [dot] com with your suggestions.
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