More NFL draft commentary
Tuesday, April 04, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
Sports Illustrated's latest mock draft results

Interesting stuff there. The great and mighty Vince Young slipping all the way to 10th? Shows just how the free season quarterback shuffle has really changed the picture.

I'm of two minds on Vince Young. One, I think he's massively talented and has the potential to be a Michael Vick type of player. Two, I think that his style requires a very specific type of system that allows him to use all the weapons at his disposal. If he turns out great, everyone is going to chastise all the teams that passed him up. If he turns out to be a goat, a lot of people will throw around the "Ryan Leaf" label and forget about him. We'll see. Even if he turns out like Vick, well.... the jury is out on whether or not being one of the best individual players in the game is the same as being able to lead a team to victory. Some suggest that Vick's style actually hurting the team - it's great for his individual numbers, but there's a reason that the leading receivers on the team are the running backs and the supernaturally talented tight end.
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