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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
"McCain to mark Cuban Independence Day with new attack on Obama". For some reason, this headline cracks me up. "Hi! Happy Cuban Independence Day! And in completely unrelated news, here's why my opponent sucks...."

Oh my.... this is one effective ad.

Time magazine has an interesting article on Obama's Cuban policy and why it just might play in Florida this election year. It's definitely worth a read and gives you just another look into how foreign policy will be different under his presidency. It's about addressing the fact that some of our policy that's been a "fact" or a "given" (i.e. "We don't deal with Castro", "Appease the Cuban hard-liners") simply don't work.

Oil prices climb to a new high of $129 a barrel. I'm just shocked it took this long. If I were an oil producer and I knew that people would apparently pay just about any price to keep their oil addictions, I'd jack up the prices too. I'm not sure that traditional supply and demand models can apply in this situation. There's only so much consumption that the world is willing to cut, so no matter how abundant or scarce oil is, the prices will be high because demand is always ridiculously high.

There's a great article/editorial over at io9 about how ridiculous the statement "Girls just don't like sci-fi" is. Right on, sister.

Lastly, I managed to kill my beloved computer this weekend while trying to install a new video card. I'm very sad. Right now it's over at Best Buy with the Geek Squad, where I hope that they will be able to fix it. It could be bad news (dead RAID controller, dead hard drives or more). Please pray for my computer.
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On 7:47 PM , Silex said...

Uh oh, the Geek Squad is trouble. Hopefully they give you your hard drive back, they have a bad history of taking them from people.

On a side note, were you using your RAID controller & running multiple hard drives? It is always tempting to run RAID 1, then I wouldn't have to worry about backing things up (unless my computer caught fire).

On 8:30 AM , Mad Typist said...

I'm nervous about the Geek Squad thing, but I have no real choice, as I don't have the diagnostic tools to fix my computer myself.

I'm thinking about switching to RAID 1 configuration, but truthfully, I already have an external 750GB drive that I do periodic backups on.