Valve to put player saves and identities online
Friday, May 30, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
I know only my fellow nerds will appreciate this, but Valve is putting all their saves and player ids online via the new Steamcloud service. This is pretty exciting stuff - it means that any saved games you have can be accessed from anywhere. It also means any customized settings (i.e. keyboard mapping) will also be saved and linked to your profile.

This is really great for people who game across multiple computers. For example, if I'm playing TF2 on my boyfriend's laptop, I won't have to re-setup all the controls to how I like it (this is an annoying thing that takes 10-15 minutes to do). Also, if I have another epic system crash in the future that causes me to reinstall all my games, it won't lose all my progress or preferred settings. Awesome.

As an extra bonus, as Valve continues to blaze trails with their game download service, it makes it even easier to restore games you purchased online (no more hunting for the original install disc) or to move those games to new computers.
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