Tony Romo Wants To Play on Sunday
Thursday, October 16, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
As reported by various news sources, Tony Romo is considering playing on Sunday despite having a broken pinkie finger on his throwing hand. Initial reports had suggested he would have to sit for at least 4 weeks, but apparently after Brett Favre (his hero, by the way) called him, Romo was inspired to ask to "play through the pain."

Now, here's the thing - Brett Favre is some kind of physical superhuman freak, but that just means that us normal humans shouldn't listen to his advice about whether to play or not, especially since it could lead to further injury. So I think Romo would be stupid to try and play this Sunday. I mean, if the Cowboys can't beat the Rams of all teams without Romo, they're doomed anyway. At a minimum, Romo should take the week off and then maybe he could return after that.

But on the other hand, if I'm the Tampa Bay or Giants defense and Romo is in the game, I blitz the hell out of him, try to force him to make awkward throws with that taped up finger, or even better, swat the ball out of his hand, since the pinkie injury is going to limit his ability to hold onto the ball (something he was having trouble with this season already, even with a healthy hand).
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