I'm HUGE in the Ukraine
Monday, February 16, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
Pryvit to all my Ukrainian readers!

I'm sort of addicted to Google Analytics, which is a little bit of code you can put on your site to track traffic patterns. Google takes the data about your traffic, and allows you to slice and dice it using a variety of spiffy flash tools (graphs, map overlays, etc).

I've noticed that I get regular traffic from the Ukraine, which fascinates me to no end. I mean, I get random hits from all over the world, but they're usually just a hit here or there. However, I see that I get repeat traffic on a semi-daily basis from the Ukraine, all from the city of Odessa. Which begs the question: who is this lone visitor? My mind whirls with possibilities. Perhaps he's an American ex-pat, tracking my random blog to get his daily dose of mindless pop culture blathering. Maybe she's a spy or a hacker, trying to figure out how to steal my identity from her cyber nest in Odessa. Maybe it's Oksana Baiul. I don't know. Who are you?!?!

In other news, I had a moment of semi-fame, as my "Things To Keep in Mind While Watching Dollhouse" post was briefly featured on the front page of salon.com in the open salon feed box. I am apparently the most-read post from over the weekend. What's semi-tragic about that is that it's not one of my best posts, so I'd be bummed if people thought that that was indicative of my writing style. In fact, while that post got a lot of reads, and over 30+ comments, my follow up review of Dollhouse (which I am much more proud of and think is a superior post to the one before) only has 4 sad little comments, and scarcely a person has read it, it seems. Such is the nature of the internet, I suppose.
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