Live Blogging the NY Comic Con
Friday, February 06, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
Greetings all, from the NY Comic Con! Keep checking this blog through the day, as I'll be updating it frequently with new stuff.

First of all, enjoy this web photo album I threw up real fast with some pics from comic con. I'll be updating that throughout the day as well.

2:15pm - Currently sitting in a session entitled MTV News and Newsweek's Video Game Clash. Ken Levine (of 2k Boston/Bioshock fame), Steven Totillo and N'Gai Croal are about to talk about video games.

2:50pm - hee hee, one of the developers in the panel just likened the Nintendo Wii to a Teddy Ruxspin. I do agree with his assertion that the kind of games he works on are just a better fit to the 360 and PS3.

There's an interesting discussion going on right now about how the Wii's emergence as the big selling console of this generation impacts people like these guys who make big blockbuster games which don't really fit on the Wii platform.

6:40pm - Just caught a sneak preview of the new Futurama movie. Pretty funny stuff. The plot revolves around giant mini-golf and a feminist eco-terrorist group. The audience was definitely pumped up, which made the viewing experience even more fun.

I also threw up a few more photos from today. Lots of great costumes on display here, including a pretty nifty Chewbacca (the dude may be as tall as the real actor who played Chewy).

Off now to watch a demo on zombie survival techniques. 
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