Glutton for punishment
Tuesday, March 28, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
Anyone who knows me well knows that I think Uwe Boll is some kind of evil genius. He's a genius (or Jedi Master), because he consistently makes TERRIBLE movies, and yet still convinces people to give him millions of dollars to make more. He also convinces fairly reputable actors to keep starring in his awful movies. And he's evil because, well...see above. Not only are they just terrible, they go far beyond that: they are masterpieces of crap, totally unredeemable, laughably produced and the most perfect examples of how NOT to make movies.

So, it's sort of sad and funny to see Kristanna Loken try to defend Uwe Boll's work. I mean, yeah, no one wants to admit that they starred in a shitty movie. And sure, it's probably poor form to bad mouth people you've worked with. But come on! Just avoid the question, pretend you didn't hear it, whatever, but certainly don't claim that he's anything other than the most hackiest hack who's ever lived.

However, I loathe Uwe Boll so much, and yet I can't stay away from him. It's almost hyponotic to watch one of his films and point out all the terrible flaws. I've watched the unwatchable "House of the Dead" like four times now. And I'm seriously considering either renting or buying the DVD, just so I can listen to the commentary and make fun of it (my rationale is that the commentary would be a good candidate for my other site, Commentary Commentary). Aieee! God help me, I almost want to rent his other stuff, just to see if it sucks as badly.
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