Wednesday, March 22, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
So I've been suffering from a lack of sleep lately, which makes doing normal things like writing coherent posts or actually accomplishing productive work nearly impossible. Still, I don't want my blog to go 2 days without a post.

Instead of my normal ramblings, I instead present 2 pretentious poems of my own crafting to you, along with a picture of myself as a South Park character:


I live inside this box

this Rubik’s Cube

six sides, each with a different face to show you

I keep thinking that if I twist and turn enough

eventually everything will line up

every surface will be perfect

each colored square in its place

Is that who I am?

Can I just keep adjusting until I look

just like the picture on the package?

Could I be complete if the blue squares were


to stay mingled with the red

passion and melancholy

the flip sides of love?

When I turn under you

your hands feel rough on my sides


Tie a black ribbon ‘round the old oak tree

to celebrate the death of me

and drink a toast to the measure of my worth

a mouth full of blood and sand

and shattered earth

Rage slides across the land like oil and burns

black smoke clouds the eyes

unheard above the cacophony of fear

from the lips of we monkeys chattering

past sins phoenix-like now rise

We are brothers you and I

in all the ways we find to hate

from the cradle of life

to the valley of death

We are two Cains, unable

to see beyond our fathers lies.

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