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Friday, March 24, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
Keyshawn Johnson signs with the Carolina Panthers. Good for him. After being unceremoniously dumped by Dallas for Giant Jerk #1 T.O., it's good to see Johnson land somewhere else that will hopefully be good for him. Johnson certainly was a contendor for GJ#1 standing a few years ago, but he's been a fairly good citizen while at Dallas, so it's nice to see that good behavior rewarded with a nice contract. The Panthers are gunshy about misbehavior, so they must think well of him to pick him up.

This makes the already deadly Panthers a more powerful team for next year. Steve Smith singlehandedly destroyed the Bears in the playoffs. Imagine what kind of numbers he could put up now that a serious talent like Keyshawn is sharing the field. If I were opposing DBs, I'd be very concerned.

Anyway, moving on (since some of you could probably care less about football talk), last night we finally got around to watching the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who series on Sci-fi. It was pretty impressive stuff. Definitely meant for hardcore geeks only, though. The plots were more Farscape than Star Trek, which may turn some folks off. I mean, when your first two villians are a blob of living plastic and a piece of skin with a face that is wheeled around on a big rack, you're in pretty far out territory.

Is it me, or is Christopher Ecceleston strangely sexy? That's probably why he works so well as The Doctor for me. His blondie sidekick is sort of plain, but her British accent is cute at least. I'm definitely tuning in for at least 2-3 more episodes. I'm not saying it's on season pass yet, but it seems like a contender.

In other news, there was no new "The Office" on last night. Boo!
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