Rock Slide
Sunday, March 12, 2006 | Author: Mad Typist
So, The Boy and I live on the top of a big mountain. Actually, it's an extinct crater, the center of which contains the famous National Memoral Cemetary of the Pacific. The apartment was a real steal, as it is close to everything we need and it is beautiful to boot. We have a really killer view of the ocean, the Pali mountains and all of downtown Honolulu.

However, the downside of living on the side of a mountain became quite evident last week. Picture this: The Boy walks out to his car, which is parked up on the road along the mountainside (we only have 1 parking spot in the garage). He's just about to put the key in the door when he realizes that there's something different about his car this morning. Specifically, there are four giant boulders sitting on top of his now crushed hood. Apparently the recent monsoons we've been experiencing here in Hawaii caused part of the mountain to weaken, which started a mini rock slide. A rock slide that ended on top of the car. According to The Boy, the rocks were the size of computer monitors.

So, now the car is totalled beyond repair. Crazy, eh?

Stay tuned for pictures, once I get the roll developed.
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On 3:23 PM , Darin said...

Developing a roll? Wow! Going old school.

On 3:40 PM , Mad Typist said...

Yeah, I'm old school. I do have a digital camera, but I seem to have misplaced my charging station, so it's sitting there with no battery juice. Meanwhile, my badass Minolta Maxximum SLR camera clicks happily away.

I bought my SLR 3 years ago, when affordable digital SLRs weren't even on the market. Maybe in a year or two I'll upgrade to a digital SLR. But the SLR still takes superior shots. I don't use it on a day to day basis (that's what the little digital fella is for), but for big artsy shots or nature shots, I go with the SLR.