Edwards May Want VP Slot
Wednesday, July 09, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
Hot on the heels of yesterday's news that Jim Webb will not be accepting the VP slot if offered it, John Edwards has kinda sorta thrown his hat back in the ring, stating that he would "seriously consider" the position if it were offered to him.

Carpetbagger Report has some commentary on the matter. He seems open to the idea, stating:

But Edwards comes pretty close to making everyone happy. The old adage in this game is “Do no harm,” and Edwards would definitely do no harm to the Democratic ticket.

In many ways, I think Edwards would be a much better fit with Obama than he ever was with John Kerry. In fact, Edwards reinforces a lot of Obama’s selling points — he has experience without being a creature of DC; he’s young without appearing green; and his personal narrative (successful career after humble origins) is very much in line with Obama’s. In fact, Obama would probably put Edwards to much better use than the Kerry campaign did, putting him in states where he’d likely help make a difference.

Better yet, after two national campaigns, Edwards has been vetted pretty thoroughly, and appears to be a safe pick. He’s an eloquent, aggressive campaigner; Elizabeth Edwards is a tremendous progressive voice; and Edwards’ signature issues (poverty, for example) deserve a national platform.

Now to me, "Sucks the least of all the candidates" isn't really a great reason to support a particular person for VP. I'm looking for someone who, despite some inevitable downsides, will bring something positive to Obama's campaign. Frankly, Edwards left me very unimpressed the last time he ran for VP. I mean, does anyone remember that horrible Cleveland debate? How can you not completely crush the Lord of Evil (I mean, "Dick Cheney") in a televised debate?

The people who strongly supported Edwards (and I mean the ones who genuinely liked him, versus those who merely thought he'd play better in the general election, due to the fact that he wasn't black or a woman) are going to vote for Obama anyway, so you don't gain those votes. I just don't see him swinging any new voters that Obama wouldn't have gotten anyway. And while the "Breck girl" thing is a cheap shot, the fact is, there is something completely plastic about the man that is a real turn off. They've already started attacking Obama for being too "elite" and appearing too haughy, so Edwards isn't going to help with that.

What I'm looking for is someone who contrasts Obama, someone who can appeal to those on the fence about the man because he or she has a different perspective on key emotional issues (i.e. gun control, military background). Obviously, Webb was a perfect study in a complementary contrast of ideas working together, but he's out. I want someone who feels organically blue collar, someone who brings a rougher side to the polished Obama campaign.
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