Today's Point-Counterpoint is about which class in Team Fortress 2 is the most game-changing. Mr. Snuts*!, one of the best snipers in the business, will be arguing the Sniper's case. I, known as Ladykiller555 in the game, am... not one of the best medics in the business. But I play a decent game as medic, and I'll be advocating the Medic's claim to the title.

Point: The Sniper is the most game-changing class in TF2
by Mr. Snuts*!

Let me preface by saying I’m not saying the other classes are useless, I think all the other classes play a role, especially medic, I just think sniper is more of a detriment to the other team depending on skill than any other class. Let’s give this situation, let’s say you are blue on Gravel Pit going to fight at B. The best sniper in the game is out there waiting…What do you do? If either of you peek, you’re gone. A sniper good enough, can completely shut down an area. Blow an uber you say? That’s all well and good, but what happens when you need the uber to actually clear the point? A sniper who doesn’t miss on even a semi open map completely shuts it down for the defensive. You pray for an uber, but come up lacking when you need it for point clearing/opposing medic. To quote the words of the great Monkee, “The Medic is only as good as the person he is ubering.”

Counter-Point: The Medic is the most game-changing class in TF2
by Ladykiller555

No class is more significant to a team's success in Team Fortress 2 than the Medic class. A well-timed uber may be the only way to break through chokepoints guarded by 1 or more Level 3 sentries. An ubered Heavy-Medic combo can take down half the opponent's team with an invincible spray of bullets.

Even Valve's own admins admitted that the reason the Medic was the first to be updated was because gameplay stats showed that teams where players chose Medic performed better. A good medic makes the rest of his team better. He provides those critical extra HPs that can make all the difference when their teammate heads into battle. Unlike other classes, Medic provides benefit on all maps in the game, whether its a wide open map, or a map of nothing but twisty tight spaces.

The recent Pyro update, the Medic has only become more critical to a team, as a healing spray of a medigun is the only way (save for running to a medpack, if you're lucky enough to have one around) to counter the flames engulfing a teammate.

There are some very talented people over at the TF2F clan. For those of you who like the game, here's some wallpaper from the clan's very own Big Lou for you to download and impress your co-workers with:

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On 5:49 PM , Beers said...

i do have to side with Mr. Snuts on this point counter point Ma Lady. As a career Medic I obviously have much love for the class, but in terms of which class can alter the game the most by themselves you have to give it to the Sniper. A great medic makes a team more effective to be sure, but the Medic even with an uber does not have the same power to alter the flow of a match. I think the only other class that can come close to changing the game by themselves is the Spy.

So Let's do Superman vs. Batman Lady. I can argue ether side. Heck I'll take Kal-El.

On 5:49 PM , Beers said...

oh e-mail me here:

On 7:22 AM , Mad Typist said...

You're lucky dissent is allowed at this blog, beers. Otherwise, it'd be straight into the pit of lava with you! Heh.

Okay, Superman vs. Batman. Should be fun. I'll email you and we'll hook it up.

On 9:00 AM , foolsjourney said...

As I've said before, you're both right.

I believe Lady's stance is that a team with a brilliant medic but no sniper should beat a team with a brilliant sniper but no medic. She's correct.

However, Snuts argues that if a team could have either an awesome medic and an average sniper, or an average medic and an awesome sniper, they should go for the awesome sniper combo. He's correct.

Which class changes the game more? The flow of the game? It's the sniper. Because, there is always someone who can play a medic "averagely".

Which class is more important in TF2? The medic. You absolutely cannot do without him.

The original question wasn't quite precisely enough framed, and so both opinions are correct.