Point - Counterpoint
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist

Okay, so I've had some interesting back and forth with one of my fellow bloggers on the Rock Band drum set issue I posted a few days ago. And it got me thinking that it was sort of a neat discussion and I wanted to do some more of that.

So, rather than just spout my own opinion at you, here is your chance to hit back, regular readers. I'm looking for people to do some point/counterpoint debates via the blog. Topics are open to anything, though obviously the focus of this blog has always been on politics, football and video games (and LOLCatz). If you would like to do this, post in the comments and suggest a topic you'd like to debate with me (provide a way to get in touch with you too, if you don't mind). Topics can be completely trivial (i.e. "Batman versus Superman - who's the best?", "Starship Troopers - epic fail or secretly awesome?") or of a more cerebral nature ("Most important topic facing voters", "Music that changed my life", whatever).

A quick update to clarify: propose any "this point vs. that point" topic you want, but please let me know which side of the debate you wish to champion, so I can compose my counterpoint accordingly.
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On 11:41 AM , foolsjourney said...

The mass media are a source of much bad stuff - polarising debate, trivialising issues, fear-mongering, chasing agendas and sometimes outright telling lies.

What can ordinary people do - and what should we be encouraging our charities, trusts and consumer organisations to do?

On 1:47 PM , Mr. Snuts!* said...

Some people are like - "Snuts, you aren't that good..." and I like TOTALLY AM! AMIRITE?!

On 2:14 PM , Mr. Snuts!* said...

I think Sniper, depending on the map, is one of, if not THE most game changing class. The reason it might not seem so at first is due to the way sniper Scales as far as skill goes. An Ok or even a pretty good sniper, is not as useful as a sub par scout. At the top end I think a sniper can make/break a game just by being there more so than lets say a Soldier, Demo, Etc.

On 2:41 PM , Johnathon said...

I demand we slay snuts now before he becomes too powerful.

On 4:02 PM , Beers said...

I personally would love to hear Ma' Lady's opinion of the whole Superman / Batman Debate.

On 6:52 PM , Silex said...

@mr. snuts!
I totally agree that a good sniper can completely change a game on some of the maps (obviously close corner maps the sniper isn't very useful). I think on maps with a long respawn time, the sniper can really shine. Ideally the sniper shouldn't be dying anywhere near as often as the front line classes so having someone that is alive most of the time taking shots at the enemy is extremely useful.
Side question: what upgrades could they give the sniper that wouldn't overpower him? The first thing that comes to mind is some ability to disable an enemy for a short while in order to lure other teammates into sniping range.

On 12:56 PM , Mr. Snuts!* said...

Silex : The only logical weapon i've heard of so far is a scope that Full charges faster, but deals half the damage if its not fully zoomed. This is just a community idea but its the only logical one i've seen thus far.