Announcing The Book Club Selection for the Month
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
First things first. Go here to vote for the Amazon deals for the holidays. Seriously, you can get the chance to get a PS3 bundle with Little Big Planet and a blu-ray version of Pirates of the Carribean for $199. Yeah. I'm so there.

Now, on to other matters. I'm starting a little online book club. We'll read one book a month, with the option to add a second bonus book for you prolific readers. Each person will write up a little blog post about how they liked the book.

Rules of Engagement
  • If you are joining the book club, post in the comments here (and put a link to your blog).
  • There will be a suggested format for posting your review, though feel free to add sections on your own
  • One book per month, please put your review up on the last Friday of the month.
  • Link to other book club members reviews in your own review
  • There will be a bonus book each month as well.
  • This is my book club, so I'll pick the book. I'm happy to hear suggestions though.
December's book will be: World War Z by Max Brooks. Run over to Amazon and buy yourself a copy.

December's bonus book will be: continuing our theme of zombies and other supernatural things, I'm going to go ahead and pick Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Now, I know this book will probably suck, but on the other hand, it could be good pulpy fun. Plus, I can't really mock it if I haven't attempted to give it a chance. So, go to your local library and get yourself a copy (I refuse to pay for it).

Suggested format of review
Here's how I recommend we structure our review:
  1. Did I like the story?
  2. Is the writing good?
  3. What was my favorite part?
  4. What was my least favorite part?
  5. General observations
  6. Would I recommend this book, and to whom?
  7. Overall grade (scale of 1-10)
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On 9:56 AM , Jeremy Klaver said...

I'm in (it's Revalk)! My blog is at I'll pick these two books up somewhere.

On 9:56 AM , Beers said...

I'll pick up Twilight too since I've already done World War Z once.

On 11:53 AM , Johnathon Sykes said...

my blog link is

Ill be reading World War Z at least. Twlight takes too much of a hit on my manhood.

On 12:37 PM , curvebullet said...

great blog. keep up the good work!

On 10:51 PM , Johnny Osborne said...

White Road for you gamers over at TF2F!

I'm definitely grabbing a copy and giving this a read over the break.

My blog is

Good readin' everyone. :)