Paging Clara Barton
Thursday, April 24, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
So I was all excited today, because the local Niketown has a running club every Wednesday and Saturday. Tonight was my first night joining the club. I've been running on my own, but I enjoy group runs because it mixes up the routine and provides a little extra motivation.

The run kicked off and we headed out towards Ala Moana. Well, as we made the first turn, half the group sort of veered off to the side and started running on the little lawn. I turned my head to check out the terrain, figuring that I might want to run up there since so many other people seemed to think it was a good surface. Of course, since I was looking to the side, I missed seeing the huge 2 inch chunk of sidewalk sticking up in my path.

I completely wiped out and left a good 80% of my left and right knee caps forever embedded in the asphalt sidewalk. The worst part of it was that it happened only 2 minutes into the run, meaning most of the group was still close together, so over 40 people witnessed my humiliation. I was so mortified that I sprang up and tried to be all cool, like "No worries! I'm fine! Nothing to see here!" I kept running and was a good mile in before I realized how wrecked I actually was. Both knees were bleeding, my left hand was jacked up, I was bloody and dirty... not good.

Now, I had walked a mile to get to Niketown for this stupid event, so I was too stubborn to quit. I finished the 3 mile circuit and just had the Nike people patch me up. The girl there was very nice, though she was a little too excited about getting the opportunity to test out the first aid skills she learned in high school (her own words). I then hobbled the mile back to my hotel very slowly.

Showering with the open wounds was a new kind of pain, let me tell you. I think my neighbors might think someone was getting murdered in here. Now both my knees have stiffened up, so I'm going to grant myself a reprieve from running for the next few days and see how it goes.

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