Thanks, Big Oil!
Friday, April 04, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
According to Glenn Beck we should thank Big Oil.
Yes, times are tough for many. Sure, oil companies make a lot of cash. But, for that money, they get us to work, get ambulances to the hospital, keep our homes warm, and employ thousands of our friends and neighbors while financing their retirement, paying their health care, and providing energy to millions. Because of capitalism, they have the incentive to do that. I've yet to see what our government does for us with their rather large chunk of each gallon of gas we buy, and I've yet to see them offer to return it or suggest a gas-tax-windfall-tax-tax.
There are almost no words for this sort of assholery. I would go off on this, but I suspect that the rest of the liberal blogosphere will articulate my personal rage at this editorial.
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On 7:21 PM , Brownie said...

I read about 3 sentences before the screaming in my head became too loud for me to focus.