Sip, Don't Guzzle
Tuesday, June 03, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
GM to close truck and SUV plants. They're also looking at selling off the Hummer brand. This is the inevitable response to the current gas price crisis. While it's bad for the folks at the 2 American plants, the fact is, GM needed to get with the program and change their business model to reflect consumer preferences. We don't miss the Model T and I sure as hell won't miss the Hummer either.

I will be paying off my car this August. Hooray! We're still a one-car house, though, and while I absolutely freaking love my Subaru Impreza, it gets merely adequate gas mileage (21 mpg in city, 27 mpg on highway). I'm considering purchasing a hybrid this winter. I've long desired one, and now they've been around long enough that I feel comfortable that most of the major kinks have been worked out with the technology. I'm waiting to see what the new 2009 models will be offering, and then I'll make my choice. I envision using the hybrid for my daily commute (I drive a lot for work), and using the Subaru for trips that require the extra trunk space (camping, etc).
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