The Force is With Me
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
Though she will always be Princess Leia to me, I realized awhile ago that Carrie Fisher is also a really awesome lady in real life. I've read some excerpts of her writing, and it is fantastic stuff. I'm contemplating going to see her one-woman show here in DC. Check out this hilarious interview with Carrie Fisher at U.S.A. Today.

I will be light on the posting through Friday, as my crazy chinese grandmother and great-aunt will be in town with my parents to celebrate my birthday with me. So, for those of you looking to get me stuff, here's some Carrie Fisher-related cool stuff that I like (feel free to give these as gifts to any cool nerd/feminist/political junkie in your life, not just me):

Princess Leia in 08 t-shirt

Postcards From The Edge

30 Rock Season 2 DVD One of my favorite episodes of the season, "Rosemary's Baby", featured Carrie Fisher.

Tickets to see Carrie Fisher's one woman show in DC
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