Fr0zenshiFt Frag Video
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
For those of you who are familiar with first person shooter (FPS) games, please enjoy this video from a clanmate of mine. Fr0zen is a sick soldier. Pay special attention to the way he uses his first rocket to pop his enemy up in the air, where he then AIRBLASTS them with the second rocket. It's hard to describe what an amazing skill that is.

In other news, it seems that Google is thinking about buying out Valve. I assume the digital distribution system known as Steam is what attracts them. As long as the developer staff is left alone to continue making new content for Team Fortress 2, I'm fine with that. However, since I'd love to work for Google, maybe I should hurry up and apply to work for Valve now, so I get swept up when Google buys them out.
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On 5:29 PM , Beers said...

You should totally work for valve. Just remember us. We'll be your beta testers for life!

On 5:35 PM , Beers said...

Also know Google has data centers in Chicago...just sayin'

On 11:08 PM , Brownie said...