House Cleaning Edition
Thursday, September 25, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
Some random tidbits from around the web that help clarify or enhance previous posts this week. Please enjoy this hodgepodge of information.

  • The Lions have finally fired Matt Millen. That's great, but it's also about 3 years overdue. And really, they needed to do this BEFORE the season began, when it would have made a difference in terms of personnel decisions.
  • I was right that struggling teams have indeed been eyeing the QBs on the bench, hoping to get results like the Vikings, Bucs and Titans. Trent Green will start in place of Marc Bulger for the struggling Rams. Derek Anderson is on a short leash, with the Browns stating that they're prepping Brady Quinn just in case.
  • It's funny how the body works. The injured limb taking out stars Roscoe Parrish for the Bills and Marques Colston for the Saints? A thumb. The injured limb holding back Antonio Gates and LaDanian Tomlinson of the Chargers? A toe.
  • Please keep Bucs kicker Matt Bryant in your thoughts. His 3 month old son tragically died this week.
  • The more I hear about La Lohan's father, the more I understand why she went so insane a few years ago. Lindsay further sorta confirms her relationship with Samantha Ronson.
  • In that same article, Simon Cowell discusses Clay Aiken's recent announcement and speculates that it won't hurt his career at all.
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