Politics! (make me want to kill myself)
Friday, September 12, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
As I've been telling some friends, I'm completely worked up and angry about politics these days, so I haven't been blogging about it as much as I would normally.

Frankly, I'm exhausted. The choice is just so obvious here. The level of deceit the McCain campaign is willing to stoop to is just breathtaking. And the media's obvious bias towards the GOP is also crazy, given the myth of the "liberal media" I keep hearing tossed around. There's this idea that the media's responsibility is to give both sides equal amounts of time to discuss an issue. But that's a false sense of parity. If an issue can be argued from both sides, fine. But when one side says one thing, and then the other side wants to counter with a blatant lie, the media SHOULD NOT allow the other side to just tell the lie. It is the media's responsibility to uncover the truth, not to let two opponents say whatever the fuck they want.

A great analogy was published over at Adam Miller's blog:
An average is not a rationale. An analogy: If Democrats thinks a round wheel works best and Republicans thinks a square is preferable, the Democrats are not acting in anyone's benefit by reaching "across the aisle" and settling for an octagonal wheel. The Democrats are simply correct; their efforts to compromise suggest only that they are unsure of their correctness, or do not believe settling on the correct answer is important.
Case in point: the McCain ad accusing Obama of supporting legislation to teach explicit sex ed to kindergarteners. It has been well documented that one of the main points of the legislation (supported by multiple respected health, education and family groups, by the way) was to teach young kids how to spot and avoid unwanted advances from adult predators. It also went out of its way to provide an opt-out clause for any parent who didn't want their child exposed to the education.

Anyway, for those of you mysteriously still on the fence, here's some articles for you to check out:
  • Fascinating article on Cindy McCain's scandalous past drug use (not that I'm going all straight edge on you - what is more concerning is the way she went about abusing her charity to feed her habit and the lives that were destroyed because of her actions.
  • Does Sarah Palin's claim that she wouldn't be the first VP in history never to have met with a foreign leader prior to taking office hold water? Hint: no.
  • John McCain will abandon any position that he used to support, in order be elected. The current list of flip flops stands at 76 documented cases, not to mention the fact that he flip flopped by hiring the same political attack dogs that so scurriously attacked his family back in 2000 (among the rumors spread was a lie that McCain's adopted daughter from Bangaledesh was born out of wedlock with a black woman).
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