Washington Redskins - Week 1 breakdown
Friday, September 05, 2008 | Author: Mad Typist
Well, the NFL regular season kicked off last night, with the Giants versus the Redskins. It was one of the duller games I've watched in the last few years. Anyway since I live in DC (and because it was the only game on), I'll break down what I thought about my home team.

From what I saw last night, this season is not shaping up well already for the Redskins. They got pretty much man-handled by the N.Y. Giants. The failure was pretty much across the board, save for special teams, where Rock Cartwright provided one of the only glimmers of hope.

They just looked plain bad. Jason Campbell struggled to find his rhythm in the West Coast offense, and didn't complete a pass until the second quarter. That is unacceptable. Clinton Portis ran a decent game, but he took a lot of hard hits. He won't last the season if the passing game doesn't take some of the slack for him. The O line struggled all night, though I will say that the Giants rush is one of the more difficult ones to face. Overall, the offense only made 11 first downs and just over 200 total yards. Part of the reason they only made 11 first downs was due to the fact that they kept throwing 3rd down passes to guys who weren't past the first down marker.

Brandon Jacobs had his way with the line, literally running over many of their players. Jason Taylor was ineffective in the pass rush (I'm giving him a slight pass for now, since he's slightly injured, which may have affected his ability to explode off the line). The secondary was burned by Plax Burress for over 130 yards. The secondary dropped several easy interceptions.

The team started poorly, and it looked like the coach was able to do little to motivate his squad to play better. Zorn also showed a poor grasp of coaching basics, like simple time management. The offense showed little hustle thorughout the game and they ended the first half with time outs still left!

Overall, it was a poor effort. This is what you get when you hire a coaching staff before you find a head coach. Don't be surprised to see the Redskins go under .500 this year.

***(picture is AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
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