Farewell BufBloPoFo 2009 - We Hardly Knew Ye
Friday, March 27, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
BufBloPoFo Topic for DAYFOURTEEN

DUDES. One more post and you’ll have done it. You’ll have posted every day for FOURTEEN DAYS STRAIGHT. Or a fortnight, if you will.

So are you sad it’s almost done? Are you going to miss all of your fellow participants? Well, your assignment is to give us a farewell speech. I’m continually amazed that anyone decided to play along with the BufBloPoFo. I say you take it easy tomorrow for your last day and just post a quick “so long” to your fellow participants.

Okay, here goes. While I wasn't always great about posting on time, and often went off on my own personal track instead of following along with the topic of the day, overall this was a really fun experience. I hope that everyone found some new blogs to follow even after this event ends today.

Thanks to Mark, for letting me know about this cool event, and thanks to Mike for organizing this and allowing me to play along. Now gimme my completist badge!
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