What the Hell Are the Broncos Doing?
Sunday, March 15, 2009 | Author: Mad Typist
I'm completely baffled by the whole drama-rama going on over in Denver right now. To recap: the Broncos decided that Jay Cutler their first round pick in 2006, a Pro Bowl QB in 2008 (throwing a gaudy 4,526 yds, 25 TD) maybe wasn't who they wanted, so they went ahead and tried to arrange a fancy three-way deal with the Bucs and Pats that would have sent Cutler packing to Tampa, in exchange for Matt Cassel. Well, that fell through, Cutler got wind of it, and he got a little upset at what he perceived was a back door attempt to get rid of him. Things have escalated from there, and the latest report is that the face-to-face with Cutler and Josh McDaniels (the new head coach) went badly, and Cutler put his house, as well as his parents' house up for sale, in anticipation of being traded.

Yeah, technically players should realize that they can be traded at any moment. However, normally there's some kind of sign the year before - a player has a lot of conflict with the head coach, doesn't put in the kind of performance expected of them, whatever. In Cutler's case, he put in a great individual season. While he did throw a lot of INTs, part of the problem was that he was often forced to put the team on his shoulders and take chances, since he had no consistent running game (8 different RBs started for the team this past season) and a terrrrible defense (giving up 52 points in the final game of the regular season, costing the Broncos a playoff spot).

Maybe McDaniels didn't want to break in a new QB when he could have possibly had Cassel, who already knew the system he wanted to run. On the other hand, it doesn't impress me that a new coach never (to my knowledge) really sat down with Cutler to talk about the direction of the offense. How can you give up on a Pro Bowl QB without talking to him and seeing how he reacts to the new system? 

The truth here is, the Broncos need Cutler more than Cutler needs them. The available QB free agents are lack luster at best. The passing game was potentially in trouble anyway because of WR Brandon Marshall's recent run-in with the law that might result in a suspension. There's no real sure thing available in the draft. Basically, whether they pick up a journeyman QB or a rookie QB, the Broncos will be starting from scratch. They'd be a good 2-3 years away from being a legitimate playoff team.

Teams that Cutler might go to include Tampa Bay, Detroit and New York Jets. 
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